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Rally for Science

After a successful 2018 event, CCAP Across The Map returned to the 2019 Rally for Science. Although we continued building awareness around women’s health issues, this year we focused on garnering support for a meeting with Senator Krysten Sinema with our campaign. Here’s an excerpt from our campaign’s statement:

Due to a lack of resources such as preventative HPV vaccines and diagnostic Pap smear tests, women around the world are dying preventable deaths.


Make our U.S. senators aware of the power of HPV vaccines and Pap smear tests. If we can inspire an audience through this platform to show our support, we can make it easier for our political leaders to keep us on their radar.

Vaccines have been the best solution for preventable diseases. They are undisputedly effective. 194 countries have endorsed the Global Vaccine Action Plan, resulting in the prevention of 2-3 million deaths every year.


CCAP Across The Map hosted a booth at this event, where we played trivia games about

  • Cervical Cancer
  • HPV
  • Women’s Health
  • Global Health Statistics

In these games, a player would roll a dice, which was four different colors (red, blue, green, and yellow). There were four groups of corresponding trivia questions to these colors. Whichever color the player landed on is the color of questions that they did not have to answer. For example, if the player landed on blue, then they would not have to answer the blue group of questions, but would have to answer the green, red, and yellow questions. All players won candy at the end.